Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My back has been out....and that's tough!

It has been over a week!

July 5th we had some company coming to visit us. I thought that I could make them more comfortable by bringing our smaller air conditioning unit downstairs to keep the living room cool for them. As it turned out, I ended up throwing out my back.

This time last week, I had all but moved into my parent's house and was living there so that my mom could take care of my son for me. I was not able to stand up, so I was propelling myself across their living room floor on my stomach to get to the bathroom. Once there, I would practically scream in pain while I attempted to get onto the toilet.

That was horrible. I honestly thought that the pain was never going to let up.

This week is a new week! After almost a week of prescription drugs, I am feeling much better! I am still having problems lifting my son, but being able to take breaks throughout the day helps a lot.

With all this time on my hands, I've been thinking about ways that I can earn money at home. My husband said that he thinks I'd be great a selling stuff on ebay. I think that's a good idea, because I LOVE to bargain shop, but I hate all the clutter that comes with selling stuff and then sending it to the post office and all the shipping and stuff. However, we do have an unimaginable amount of stuff in our house. So, I've decided to start with that stuff. I listed a number of things on craigslist to generate a little bit of start up income. You know, something to get me fired up about what I might be doing. And I will admit that I do enjoy this! I actually set a goal for myself to help me keep up my interest. I am attempting to make $320 between now and the end of July.

Why $320? Well, we rent from my parents...and even though they tell me that they don't want my hubby and I to have to worry about money and we can just pay them whatever we can pay them, I do not feel like that is fair. My feeling is that they don't get a break paying the mortgage on the house...AND they already charge us a lot less than what they normally charge their the least I can do is pay them what we agreed to!

For August's rent, I still owe them $320....which I know I will make when I work next week, but I thought it would be cool if I could make that up another way...just in case!

So far....not bad!
I've got a few video games for sale....they actually cost us nothing and they look like they will be going for about $20
I also have a wedding tiara and veil that have gotten some interest at $40.
I also came to realize that since my hubby has made copies of all of our DVDs, there is really no use in having them I'm selling all of my Friends DVDs for another $35.

There are a couple other little things that aren't getting many lookers, but if I can make $100 my first week, that's not too bad! But can I make a living at it?!

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