Reward programs

I am signed up for a lot of reward programs!!

Disney Rewards - When you go on this site, you can enter the Disney Code that is inside of your new (or old ones, you might want to check) Disney DVD and Blu-Ray. You can also get points for going to Disney movies and then turning in your ticket stubs. When you do, you get points that you can use toward different products on their site.

* This site is also the one where you can get coupons for the latest Disney DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

My Points - This program is online. When you get on their site and then use it to link to a site that you are going to buy from, you get points for every dollar you spent. You can also get points on this site by doing things like printing coupons from, but again, you have to make sure to get on their site first to go to the site. I also get points with this site by being a bzzagent. When I bzz about something, they give me points that are applied to my My Points account. When you have enough points, you can turn them in for gift cards in different amounts.

I know that there are lots of bloggers that use their My Points to buy gift cards either to use for themselves or for gifts. One blogger said that she uses My Points to completely pay for Christmas! I do not always remember to use My Points, but it has been almost 2 years and I have almost enough points for a $50 gift card to Target. Not bad for just doing what I do, right?

Chase-Disney - When my husband and I decided that we wanted to go to Disney for our honeymoon (we had about 3 years to wait from the point of decision), I decided to also get our first credit card. I found out that we could earn Disney Dollars if we got the Chase-Disney card. I can honestly say that the rewards are not as good as other credit cards, but for us, it works. For each $100 you spend, you get a reward dollar. Most months they are running programs that give you bonus dollars for certain purchases.

These Disney Dollars can then be transferred to spending two different ways. One way, is onto a card that is similar to a credit card. We did this for our trip and then booked with AAA. All that they had to do was swipe our card just like a credit card. The other way to use them is to turn them into gift certificates. You can go online and have them send you gift certificates that allow you buy just about anything Disney at a store or for Disney movie tickets.

In the past, we have used the Disney Dollars for our trip, to buy movies, and lots of other things.