Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free $70 gift from Home Depot!

Yesterday, I went into Home Depot to do a little looking around. I have shown you pictures of the room overhaul. At this point, the ceiling and one wall are dry walled and the electric is almost finished. YEAH!

Before this project got started, I asked me Dad if Scott and I could change the light fixture in the room to a fan and light fixture. He said that was fine. He said that when we got closer to the point of needing it, he would take me to Home Depot to see what our options were and pick out what we want. I love picking out new things for the house!

Yesterday though, I was just in the mood to look. So, I went back to the light fixtures and started looking at the fans. They seemed to range from some cheap $20 ones up to some really fancy $200 fans. WOW! Something as simple as a light fixtures could get really expensive!

Then, I spotted at "final one" display model. It was nice. The fan had 4 lights on it and was 52inches. The price said $17.03! I thought SCORE!!! It was originally a $70 fan. WOW! What a great deal! I had to get some help to have it taken down and the two people that were helping me were so nice and kind. I checked with them to make sure that if it didn't work for the room, I could still bring it back. They told me that was fine.

I got all set up and they get me a big cart and we wheel it up to the front. The woman that is helping me decides that it will be easiest to take it to the service desk to check out. Can you imagine that shock when they tell me that it is ringing up at just 1 PENNY?

So, they don't even check me out. They take me aside and tell me you are "GETTING" this fan. Another person that was helping me walks it out to the car for me...I get no receipt and don't even end up having to pay the penny!

Shocking right? Well, not that I PLANNED this at all, but I have read about this online. Apparently, the way that Home Depot's system is set up after a clearance item has been on clearance in the store for so long (I read elsewhere that it was 8 months and 1 day) the ISBN for the item changes to make it 1 penny. From what I read online, there is a date on the clearance tag that you can use for a guide. However, from what I read online, they do not always give you the item like I got it. If fact, from what I've read they actually use that system to help them find stuff that needs to be taken off the shelves. So if someone brings one of those penny items to the register it is taken from them and literally just thrown away! How sad!

I can't wait to show you pictures of my new fan, but for right now, it is just sitting in wait to go up in the room. I will post pictures as soon as it is up!


  1. wow that is AWESOME!!!! what a great find!

  2. Awesome! We were at Home Depot the other night picking up an originally $1500 swing set. My inlaws bought it for the girls. It was $300! It's huge! It's got 2 clubhouses, 2 swings, a slide, a teeter totter, a rope swing, and a rock climbing wall.
    I can't wait to have a back yard to put it in. :P

    Oh and they slammed into our bumper with the forklift. So, we're getting $500 to fix the car. LOL

  3. That is awesome Lauren!!!! I soooo can't wait to see your penny fan!!!